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  • Jinesh Sheth   11 December 2017 4:18 PM

    Mangi Tungi JainTirth

    Mangi Tungi is one of the most holiest places in the country, where it is believed by researchers that Sri Ramachandraji, Pavanputra Hanumanji, Sri Sugrivji, Sri Balramji (brother of Shri Krishna), Nalji, Neelji & around 99 crore Jain saints have attained Moksha (Nirvana) here. Seetaji had also spent considerable time of her life here. According to one legend it is believed that Lord Shri Krishna (future Jain Tirthankara) spent his last days here.
    Mangi Tungi, being such a symbolic siddhha kshetra, is unfortunately one of the least known holy places in the country. It is believed that this place encapsulates the aura of siddhhi around it.
    It is peaceful place for meditation. It is a must visit for believers in Jainism and Hinduism, historians, art enthusiasts or students of archaeology, students pursuing PhDs in Religious studies, mythology & prehistoric languages (Prakrit, Magadhi, Sanskrit).
    In almost the middle of the Mountain there is 108 Feet High Statue of Lord Sri Adinath Dada, it is the tallest Jain statute in the world. The statue has been carved out of the Mangi-Tungi hills. The statue has been built by the inspiration of Jain Sadhviji Shri Gyanmati Mataji, and under the guidance of Aryika Sri Chandanamati Mataji. This statue was inaugurated in Feb 2016 and was given the Title of "The Statue of Ahimsa".
    There are around 10 caves on the Mangi hill and 5 caves on Tungi hill. There is also Hanumanji Idol a the top in Mangiji. We can find many statues and carvings within the caves at the top of Sri Adinath Dada, Sri Mahavira Swamy Bhagawan, Sri Parshwanath Dada, Shri Chandra Prabh Bhagwan, Baldevji, Twenty Four Tirthankaras, Shuddha & Buddha Munies and few Digambar Jain Saints.
    In the Dharmashala (base of the mountain) there are 3-4 temples, of Shri Chintamani Parshwanath Dada, Shri Adinath Dada, Shri Munisuvrat Dada , Shri Bahubali Bhagwan, Shri Bharat and 24 Tirthankaras. People who do not intend to/ cannot do the tirth yatra to the top of Mangiji and Tungiji can stay at the Dharmashala and visit the temples at the base. Chintamani Parshwanath Dada's temple is extremely popular as pilgrims come every month during Poonam for Abhishek and 108 Pradikshana (Chinta Mukti/ Wish Granting as told by locals)
    I have explained how to go to this tirth and shared the contacts of Dharmashala -
    For people travelling from Mumbai
    Best is to take a car, because otherwise things could be a bit hectic.
    For someone who does/can not have/afford a car can either go by bus or train to Nasik. From Nasik Railway or Bus Station take a bus to CBS Bus Depot Nasik, from there take another local bus to Tahrabad via Satana.
    The local bus is not a convenient form of transport as it takes 3 hours and is driven roughly, so wont advice this for senior citizens.
    From Tahrabad (nearly 10 Kms), you may get the Mangi Tungi Dharmashala Cab or can get a Tampo/Rickshaw or bus. Be prepared to wait longer or take a lift from private car going at the same place.
    The Dharmashala has AC/ Non AC rooms, facilities of Jain food/ Tea snacks stall. No issues in terms of food.
    While climbing the mountain (tirth yatra) you may start early 5.00-5.30 am but make sure you are in a group and not alone, do carry a torch and Stick. You have to take the Dharmashala cab or take lift to get to the Taleti (around 2 kms) as there is no public transport and walking is not recommended.
    There would be monkeys & dogs, but they wont do anything if you don't prompt them, just dont take any food with you (which of course people won't doing a tirth). You will get water and Nimbu Sharbat at the top & even in between during day time.
    Tungiji seems to be a bit tougher and needs to be done with full focus as the steps are steep and roads not well developed, but they are developing that.
    It will take around 6 hours to complete entire tirth even if you are really slow.
    Dharamshala Contact
    Sanjay Jain :- +(91) 09421507264
    Mahale :- +(91) 07588711766
    Manager : +91 9422754603/ (+91) 9890122799
    For more details visit:
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